Posted on Apr 25, 2020

RB Summit Tutoring with Reena Shiller, J.D.

Call to schedule an online tutoring session today! Don't let the COVID-19 pandemic get in the way of your child's academic success!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I am now tutoring exclusively online or via telephone. Doing so protects students, their families, and our community. As a bonus, tutoring online allows me to help students become better acquainted with computers, the internet and computer word documents, (which are essential skills for college and the workplace). I am pleased to offer such computer learning experience, in addition to helping your child excel in math and language arts.

I use either FaceTime or Google Duo video chat, (whichever you prefer), in combination with a Shared Google Document.

To use the Shared Google Document, you will need to provide me with your gmail address. If you do not have a gmail address, you will need to create one first. I will then gmail you the link to that Shared Google Document. Once you access that Shared Google Document, anything you type into that document, I will be able to see in about 1-2 seconds after you type it. Likewise, anything I type into that document, you will be able to see.

For our online tutoring session, we would both open a window for either FaceTime or Google Duo on the left side of our computer screen, and open another window for the Shared Google Document on the right side of our computer screen.

I am also able to conduct tutoring sessions via telephone if you prefer!
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